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A Mind Odyssey

This site is maintained and edited by Dr Ray Goggins
Specialist Registrar in General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made by me to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinion or statement appear in this website, I wish to make it clear that the data and opinions appearing in the articles are only intended as a supplement for wider reading and is not meant to be a definitive account of the detection and treatment of various medical or psychiatric conditions.

Accordingly, I accept no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data, opinion or statement. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that medication doses and other quantities are presented accurately, readers are advised that new methods and techniques involving drug usage, should only be followed in conjunction with the drug manufacturer's own published literature in their own country. Patients should discuss their own complaints and management strategies with their doctor.